Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun With Fiber

I had grandiose plans of doing a really fabulous blog post this evening, with pictures, and lots of neat styling. But honestly, I'm completely exhausted! It all started this morning when I overslept my alarm due to some allergy medicine I took last night. I was supposed to arrive to drop off the munchkin at 9am, but I awoke at 9:03. Whoops. So after a frantic morning of driving, dropping off, etc, I made it to Fancy Fibers Farm at around 11am. Mary and I used to work together and have recently reconnected when discovering we were both "fiberistas" as Mary likes to say. (And actually, how I became a "fiberista" is a long story, for another day.)

So today, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mary and her very loving cat, Dudley, and drinking nice cold Dr. Pepper. Oh, and spinning and dyeing! I first learned the basics of spinning, the names of all the parts of my new wheel, and how everything works. That was a bit overwhelming, but as long as I can just insert the word "thingy" for words like whorl, footmen, orifice, niddy noddy, and lazy kate, then I think I'll be ok. After the spinning basics lesson and a bit of practice, we dyed up some BFL. Yum! I can't wait to spin this and make something gorgeous out of it! Since my camera is on the fritz, I'll just link to Mary's post so you can see all the pictures of my fiber (and me spinning too). When that fiber is good and dry and I feel like I'm ready to try my hand with the "good" fiber, I'll spin it and see what comes of it. And of course, post some photos of the before, during, and after!

Last but not least, we decided to adopt a new friend. Her name is Snow White (of course, the munchkin named her) and she is an angora rabbit. She's very soft and pretty, and she is adjusting well to her life in our house with 2 dogs and a cat. And a four-year-old. She seems happy and likes her little house. We are hoping to build her a bunny condo soon so she can stretch her legs a bit more. And I am also hoping her fur grows fast so I can add some of that super soft fiber to my spinning!

Lots of hand-spun, hand-crocheted (or knitted) loveliness is in our future!
Thanks again Mary for a wonderful time today!


  1. I was thrilled to have you! Your dyed fiber is beautiful, and I definitely WILL be copying that colorway!

  2. I heard about FF from someone locally who met Mary at the Ark Fiber Extravaganza and told me, "You HAFTA meet her!!!" So, I'm hoping to plan a trip there in the next few months!

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