Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Organizing projects for the fall!

If you're a crafter, you probably have this massive box, closet, garage, storage building ... haha, just kidding.. full of yarn, fabric, various scrapbooking supplies, you name it! I have a "closet" of crafting stuff, although it sometimes spills out into various areas of my house. I've taken some time in the last couple of weeks to organize my crafting closet.  It's not finished yet, but I'm getting there.

So I started by putting all of my yarn into categories, mainly by fiber content. I have my synthetics in one big (overflowing) tub, my cotton in a smaller tub, sock yarn in the blue thing with the clear drawer, and wool, alpaca, and wool/silk blends, and basically any of my other "nice" yarn all in a three drawer thingy.

Here's a photo. Please don't laugh - this *IS* organized! Ha!
From SoCrafty

So the point of this whole post is about organization, right?

Have you started dreaming up projects for Christmas gifts? It will be scarf weather soon, so it's time to start planning!(Okay, it's going to be 106 degrees here tomorrow.. I'm just praying for cooler weather!) But back to planning....

has some great tools to use for organizing your projects! Not only can you plan out projects, you can create a "queue" so that you can store patterns and your yarn stash info (or the yarn you want to use) all in one place. Once you begin, you can track your progress, and upload photos. When you're finished, give the pattern a rating, and upload the photo!
Here's why this is cool: When you search for patterns, you see the designer's featured photo, but also user-submitted photos of their own projects. So you can get an idea of how this project has turned out for others, saving precious time and also money - so you can be sure you've got a good pattern before starting out. Fabulous!

Have you checked out Ravelry's "stash" tool? From what I can tell, it looks like you could actually post photos of your stash and buy, sell, or trade yarns! Nifty!

Ok, so since you've all been begging me (who am I kidding! Does anyone read this?) I'll post a list of some of the things in my queue!

Wrap with Slits (This looks so cozy!)
Tunisian Crochet Scarf (Gorgeous, cabled, and tunisian crochet? What more could we ask for?)
Sweet Loopy Scarf (I'm working on this right now, and it's going to be beautiful!)
Puppet Scarf (For that special kiddo in your life!)
Covalence Scarf
(I just finished this for my dear friend Helen, because she's a chemist! And even if she never wears scarves, I just had to do it, because she is probably the world's smartest person, and a fantastic teacher too!)
Refreshing Throw (I just love the look of this! I hope it turns out as pretty!)

Of course, I've left a few things off my list because they're surprises for some of the people who may read this... actually, probably the only people who might read this! No peeking!! :)

So get to it, friends! Maybe if we all start simultaneously raveling, this weather will give us a break!!

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