Sunday, January 3, 2010

Silk & Wool (Musician) Wristlets

These soft and scrumptious wristlets were made with Berroco IncaGold in a beautfiul shade that I think has been discontinued. This yarn really is yummy. And the wristlets are soft, and just the right amount of warmth for Texas winter. :)
silk&wool wristlets

Crochet Pattern
Using H hook
60-80 yards of your favorite worsted weight yarn
(I am a plus sized gal, so my wristlets are larger. You might not need as much yarn.)

Foundation chain - make this the size of your own wrist. For me, ch 20 was perfect. Join with sl st. Ch 2, turn. HDC around, join with sl st.
Rounds 2-4: ch 2, HDC around, join with sl st.
Rounds 5-6: ch 2, DC around, join with sl st.
Rounds 7-9: ch 2, HDC around, join with sl st.
Round 10: ch2, HDC 3, 2 HDC in next st, *HDC 4, 2 HDC in next st.* repeat between stars around. Join with sl st.
Round 11: ch 2, HDC in each stitch around. Join with sl st.
(Continue making rounds until you're happy with the length. I needed these to 'end' at a specific spot because I'm a musician and need my thumbs.)
Scalloped edge: ch 2, skip one st., *three HDC in next st., ch 1(skip one st), sc in next st., ch 1 (skip one st)* repeat between stars around until you're done, join with sl st.

These are perfect for playing the viola, not getting in the way of quick moving fingers, and still keeping my hands warm in a cold rehearsal hall. :) Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for the fab pattern- have made these and posted photos on Ravelry!

    1. Love it! As a former harpist, I love your photos! Thanks for the link back!

  2. wow are those stitches hadwoven this is really impressive i have been shopping for wool wristlets moreso in this cold winter weather thanks for sharing this turtorial i hope i will be able to make some time out and knit

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