Monday, March 10, 2014

The New Shop!

We've been looking for a good solution to help us with selling online for some time, and we're hopeful that we've found a good one!

You  may have heard of Square, the payment processor taking the world by storm - from coffeehouses to craftsters like us, Square is an easy way to collect payments both in person and online. And now, Square is offering an online presence! So, without further ado, please let us introduce our new Urban Marketplace online presence:

As much fun as it is to be crafty, money doesn't grow on trees. And so our families have told us we better start unloading some of our finished goods if we want to ever buy more crafty goodness to play with! So, help us feed our habit (and put our youngsters through college too) and check out our new store! New items will be added regularly, and we hope that a steady stream of tutorials and patterns will be coming your way along with that! Thanks, as always, for your support, and leave us some feedback! What would you like to see next?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Felted Cardinal Coaster

Today's post will teach you to make a hand-crafted felted coaster! It would make a great gift for a friend or coworker, and only takes a small amount of time to make. I'm an impatient crafter, so these sorts of quick projects are perfect for me!

Start off with some wool yarn. I love Fisherman's Wool by Lion Brand because it's relatively inexpensive, soft, and felts up nicely! I am using a size H hook, and a double strand of Fisherman's Wool. (Pull one strand from the middle, and one from the edge of the skein.)

Step 1: Make what I call a half-done-baby-hat... (this is how my first coaster began - I started working on a baby hat and wanted to undo it, only to find out that my yarn had snagged, and I had this random circular piece of half-done-baby-hat ... it became a coaster for my coffee mug, and is still sitting on my desk at this moment!) Here's a pattern for you:

Make a magic loop (if you know how) or chain 3. Join. Now you'll work 6 sc into the loop you just made. Try to incorporate the tail of your original slipknot so you don't have to weave it in later.

There's a "pattern" to this pattern from here out. 2 sc in the first sc, then 2 sc in each of the remaining 5 sc around. (You've now done 12 stitches.) Join. Row 2: sc 2 in the first sc, sc, sc in next sc, sc, and so on, all the way around. You've now done 18 stitches. Row 3: sc 2 in the first sc, then sc in each of the next two stitches. Sc 2 in the next sc, then sc in each of the next two stitches, and so on. When you get to the end, you've done 24 stitches. Join. I do this for seven rows. The last row, the pattern will be 2 sc in the first sc, then one sc in each of the next 6 stitches. Repeat. Join and weave in the ends. Here's a photo of what this should look like.

Now that you've got this nice half-done-baby-hat, you can start to choose your roving colors for felting. If you've never done this before, you'll need some supplies:
- Wool Roving (A word about this: I tried the clover brand, and it is VERY soft, and takes longer to felt. I also happen to have a decent supply of very nice wool from my friend's farm, and she can hook you up with some beautiful stuff! Check out Fancy Fibers Farm - Mary is the queen of all things fiber! And we could talk about dying your fiber, etc., but that should be a separate post!)
- A piece of foam, or a felting foam block
- a felting tool
- extra needles for your felting tool because they break easily!
- felting applique molds if you want to use them (I didn't)

Here's my setup:

Start by pulling a few fibers off of your batt, and lay them over the crochet coaster. It really doesn't matter how you put them on here, because you're going to essentially poke the heck out of them with some barbed needles. So just slap 'em on there. 

Felted Coaster 1 

Now, just keep adding fiber and poking it with your felting tool until you like the way it looks. I like mine to have some texture.

Cardinal coaster 1

(In the photo above, I added some gold colored fiber from my friend's shop, because I didn't like the way the clover fiber was looking. And because I'm impatient. Remember?)


 When you're happy with the way it looks, it's time to pick out a design to put over the top. I wanted to make a cardinal. This coaster is for a coworker of mine, and she loves them :)

Cardinal coaster 3

I know you can't tell that that red blob will be a cardinal, but I can!

Using the same stab-it-to-death technique as before, but being slightly less rambunctious, begin to form your design.

Cardinal coaster 4

I usually go around the edges and then start working on the middle.
I eventually added a bit more fiber and added some silk for detail.

Then, I went around the edges with some red, and folded it over onto the back to finish the edges nicely. I also added a bit of a gold color for a beak.  Here it is on my mat.

Cardinal coaster 5

And here's the finished product in better (read: natural) light, more accurately reflecting the colors.

I think she'll like it!

Cardinal coaster 6

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Murphy Maize Days

Put this date on your calendar! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, 2011.

We are going to be at Murphy Maize Days!

Last year's event was cancelled due to terrible weather, but this year, we're hoping that won't be the case! This promises to be a great day of fun! Activities include:
- Fun Run 5K
- Live Music
- Car Show
- Lots of Vendors
- Food & Beverages
- Family Fun
- Fireworks!

If that's not enough, you can participate in the corn cookoff, the corn spitting contest, the scarecrow costume contest, or even Karaoke Corn Idol!

We think this will be a really fun day for our whole family! Hope you can make it too!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party T-Shirts - A Tutorial

This past Saturday was Olivia's birthday! We had been planning a party for a while, and I was not thrilled about trying to find party favors. I always end up not liking what I've picked out, and it usually is expensive. So this year, I decided to make t-shirt party favors! Olivia wanted a dinosaur party, with fuschia dinosaurs. Fuschia is her favorite color. For the record, I had to use a dictionary to spell fuschia.

Here's the starting ingredients:
-Colorful t-shirts (8 pink, 7 blue for our guest list of boys and girls!)
-Scraps of coordinating fabric (this is what I had on hand)
-Dimensional Fabric Paint (purple sparkles & neon green)
-Fusible interfacing (double sided - this is HeatBond.)
-Applique shape (I drew my own dinosaur)

So, we are essentially making an applique, or an iron-on transfer. First, apply fusible web to your fabric, according to the instructions. Don't forget to remove the instructions from the fusible web, or it will make a mess. Trust me.

Then, take your applique shape (dinosaur) and trace as many shapes as you have t-shirts.

Cut all those shapes out (here is where I wished I hadn't made all those "spikes" on the dinosaur, but we figured without them it looked like a horse...) and then iron them all onto your shirts! This is accomplished by peeling back the paper to reveal a shiny heat bondable side. Put the shiny side down, right side of the fabric up, and press. Make sure they are pressed well. You don't want these to come off after one wash.

Time for paint! I slipped a sheet of thick paper between the two layers of t-shirt, just in case the paint were to bleed through (it didn't, but better safe than sorry).

These take about four hours to dry well enough to stack them on top of each other, but 72 hours until they are ready for washing. I did mine in three shifts, doing the outline of the dinos first, and then going back for the lettering and finally the details of the dino.

The final product....


Cute presentation - roll them up and wrap with a little piece of ribbon!

These were a big hit at today's party! Something the kids can take home and wear over and over to remind them of the fun they had today! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Great Ice Storm of 2011!

What started off as a fun day off from my day job of teaching high school turned into a long week of craftiness! It remains to be seen whether school tomorrow will be cancelled or not (my district is usually one of the last to decide), but as of right now, I'll be surprised if we are in session tomorrow. I wonder if we'll have an extra week of school in June, or if we'll just cancel spring break? Just kidding - it'll be June!

Anyway, I've had a great time putting together several projects this week. I am saving photos of one project for a tutorial to post in a few days, though. I'm sure you'll want to see it if you know anyone with a baby!

Here is a set of matching hats I made for a friend's daughters. This is an easy pattern you can find on Ravelry, or here.

The flower I made from a separate pattern. Just any flower pattern would do!

In the next few days, I'll post a tutorial for making a baby cocoon :) Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun With Fiber

I had grandiose plans of doing a really fabulous blog post this evening, with pictures, and lots of neat styling. But honestly, I'm completely exhausted! It all started this morning when I overslept my alarm due to some allergy medicine I took last night. I was supposed to arrive to drop off the munchkin at 9am, but I awoke at 9:03. Whoops. So after a frantic morning of driving, dropping off, etc, I made it to Fancy Fibers Farm at around 11am. Mary and I used to work together and have recently reconnected when discovering we were both "fiberistas" as Mary likes to say. (And actually, how I became a "fiberista" is a long story, for another day.)

So today, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mary and her very loving cat, Dudley, and drinking nice cold Dr. Pepper. Oh, and spinning and dyeing! I first learned the basics of spinning, the names of all the parts of my new wheel, and how everything works. That was a bit overwhelming, but as long as I can just insert the word "thingy" for words like whorl, footmen, orifice, niddy noddy, and lazy kate, then I think I'll be ok. After the spinning basics lesson and a bit of practice, we dyed up some BFL. Yum! I can't wait to spin this and make something gorgeous out of it! Since my camera is on the fritz, I'll just link to Mary's post so you can see all the pictures of my fiber (and me spinning too). When that fiber is good and dry and I feel like I'm ready to try my hand with the "good" fiber, I'll spin it and see what comes of it. And of course, post some photos of the before, during, and after!

Last but not least, we decided to adopt a new friend. Her name is Snow White (of course, the munchkin named her) and she is an angora rabbit. She's very soft and pretty, and she is adjusting well to her life in our house with 2 dogs and a cat. And a four-year-old. She seems happy and likes her little house. We are hoping to build her a bunny condo soon so she can stretch her legs a bit more. And I am also hoping her fur grows fast so I can add some of that super soft fiber to my spinning!

Lots of hand-spun, hand-crocheted (or knitted) loveliness is in our future!
Thanks again Mary for a wonderful time today!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shop The Lot!

Peggy of Urban Marketplace will be at Shop The Lot at Campbell Road Village on Saturday the 16th from 11:00am - 5:00pm with lots of wonderful handmade jewelry items. These are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces you won't find anywhere else. There will be precious and semi-precious metals and stones, along with costume and holiday-themed pieces too!
What is Shop The Lot? It's a vendor fair where all of the shops and boutiques at the village are putting out their best fare and offering specials! In addition, there will be fun for the whole family! Come and see us there! Peggy will be set up near Beaucoup.

Hope to see you there!